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The Days Between Christmas & New Years = Awkward Days For Your Life

Most breakthrough ideas do not come from a New Year's Resolution. This week marks those awkward days between Christmas and New Years where you do not know what day it is or what you are doing with your life... In 2016 you probably do not need anymore resolutions or new ideas but more reflection. Reflect and figure out what to do with the ideas you already have bouncing around in your head.

Ideas usually breakthrough from taking action, thinking right and sticking to your plan. You can do that on any day or year. Care little to none about what other people are saying or doing and just focus on your plan to execute your idea.

In 2015 we recorded and released 15 Secret Tech Sauce podcast episodes. Was this a success? No because our plan was to do at least 24 episodes. While other people might think this was a success, we fell short of our plan.

Tune into our 15th episode below. It is an end of year wrap where we share 4 things we learned from our 4 guests in 2015. Listen and learn more today than you did yesterday.

The end of the year is here. Do not rush. Enjoy each interaction. Care more about people or a good cause today than you did yesterday. All of us are working together to build a better world in our little way. Let's keep working together next year and beyond.

Meet the people you interact with on social media for coffee or lunch. Maybe go ski with them too. I have invited friends to join me and my family in Snowbird, Utah this New Years Eve and/or Day. It is a way to figure out what to do with the awkward days of my life between Christmas and New Years.

Cheers to 2015 and look forward to 2016.

PS - Thank you for sponsoring our podcast. Look forward to doing more with you next year.


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