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#Snapchatsecrets - Finding time to work on your trade/s...

Your trade is what nobody else gets to create because it is your trade, your work and your and your responsibility to do. The people who watch what you do are either the naysayers or the supporters of your trade. Check out Snapchat. Full of supporters and naysayers. Good place to show your trade.

See picture above - Someone named Ivonne - snapchat name is "irkawas" sent me this snap. He/She likes our Secret Tech Sauce podcast. Thank you Ivonne.

Naysayers laugh at you and do not get you. They even make fun of you behind your back.

Supporters believe in you because they know you do work that matters and do work that is good for society. When is the last time you helped someone be who they really want to be in life regardless if it was what you believed? Most managers at work try to coach people into what they believe they should be, not what the person wants to be. There is a difference.

Finding time to work on your trade is your responsibility.

Here is the deal. Whether you are 13, 15, 38, 43, 58 or 82 years old, what people want to know is...

  • Are you an expert at something that actually does something good for society? You do not have to be wealthy to help people.
  • Have you ever been so passionate about something that you broke all limits and proved their is a different way to do something?
  • Have you helped people when you did not need to help them? Like helping a random person looking for job advice or maybe a struggling musician playing on the street?
  • Does your reputation speak for itself OR do you need to tell people how good you are? Do not be the guy/gal who makes up your own nickname to make your reputation sound good. Nicknames are earned, whether you like the nickname or not. 
  • What do you do on the side? Do you say ""I'm too busy" often? Everybody is too busy to do what they love to do on the side? Find time to work on your trade or hang out with family and friends. 

For F@#$s sake - take a power nap, do a walk or meditate when you are tired or need a break.

Keep pushing. Take time away from your transactional emails and work on any of your trades like I just did here (writing).

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