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Snap on Culture - "Left to Your Own Device" perspective via Tim Ferriss

Ben's snap on culture: I ran across the tweet below from Tim Ferriss on company culture -

The minute you do your work, you have purpose whether you realize your purpose or not. At times my purpose is to bust conflict between people or to connect people or to ease the pain of facing the elephant in the room or to pitch in and help. Left to my own device that is what I tend to do.

It is your decision on what type of culture you want to put together. You control your culture when you make your own decisions, then use your own device to take action with a purpose to make everyone better.

Everyone can make their own decisions. When you reach professional status - you are responsible to make your own decisions. If you are not making your own decisions, then you are at novice status in your work. Complainers are people who are in conflict with their decisions.

Each day you will interact with people you trust and people you do not trust. What is going to make you angry or happy is entirely what you think of your work when you are left to your own device. In other words, It's Up To You...