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Jia Jiang Interview: How many rejection goals have you set?

Below is the podcast interview with Jia Jiang. Author of the book, "Rejection Proof". In short, Jia says if you want to be more successful you need to get better at rejection to the point where you set rejection goals. Overcoming rejection is something most of us fear and Jia is no stranger to rejection. Learn more about his "100 Days of Rejection" project by clicking HERE.  Jia was the keynote at LinkedIn Talent Connect last year and that is where I first became a believer in his approach. From asking Texans to play soccer in their backyard to doing sponsorships with former NBA star Yao Ming...Jia can hustle.

In this conversation, we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • His journey to the United States, which started with bad experience as a boy with a family in Louisiana.
  • Jia's equation of "Rejection" and how it has helped him become a successful entrepreneur.
  • The importance of rejection in recruiting.
  • And much more...

Enjoy. Ciao - Ben...

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