Relax. Look Around. Take Action.
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the people you will deal with

You will deal with the following people each day of your life...

  • gossipers

  • liars

  • the desirous

  • cocky

  • meddlers

  • unfriendly

  • laggards

  • self-righteous

  • etc...

Deal with each one like they are your brother or sister. They may talk different than you or walk different than you but the only thing you have in common with them is that you both have a mind. Do not let their mind infect your mind, but find peace with them because you both have an incredible mind and are part of the culture you reside in.

Work like you care. Your time at work is running out each day you work. Work like you know you have limited time left. Knowing you have limited time left will make you do your work better. You will appreciate your work, your relationships and your dreams much more.

The reality of your situation is you have your work in front of your right now. Right now I am sipping on some of the best French Press coffee I have made this week. I have you to speak with and people on my calendar to meet with.

I am happy to deal with you. Have a good day.