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Being Alarmed vs. Aware

There are plenty of reasons to be alarmed - Stock market is down, technology unicorns are going bald because their steroid supply is running out and the other day, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Workday lost $18B in market capitalization. The crowd is alarmed, but do not follow crowd... Being in a constant alarmed state, takes away from our alertness of the moment and we lose awareness of what we need to do to take action. We are in shock and panic mode vs. aware/act mode.

I can freak out when the stock market continues to go down. It will go back up. It is natural for the stock market to go up or down. Do not F@#$ with nature. No need to be alarmed, just be aware.

I can get excited and desire to work at a technology unicorn or desire my current company to be a technology unicorn. These desires are natural but become wrong when we desire something beyond our reality.

Desiring beyond our reality is when we become unaware of our self and act irrational in moments with others to the point they see madness and anger in our eyes and voice. You see it when the manager turns into a possessed animal around the office. He/she blows up at others and shies away from social interactions because think they are better than everyone.

I submit to say, LinkedIn, Salesforce or Workday have some irrational people in their office right now. The guy who is in panic mode and spending his working days covering his ass to feel good about chasing his desire to be something other than his current state.

The good leaders are born out of tough times. Realizing your working life is real is alarming, but being real is when you begin to see what your fears, dreams, and life can become. What is wrong with eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches everyday? How bad can things get? Find out how little you need to get by. Maybe times won't be so tough.

The media wants us to live in an alarmed state. They want you to always check the news app notifications or click on the headlines. They get more attention and make more money that way. Be alarmed at why the news is telling you something and more aware of what your reality is.

Alarms are what the crowds react to, but alarms is not what you need. Awareness and action is what you need.