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Podcast Interview: Angela Bortolussi - Hustling Tech Recruiter

Below is the podcast interview with Angela BortolussiAngela is an enigma for tech recruiting - She can speak coding language better than most tech recruiters, works like she needs a job and hustles between Vancouver and Los Angeles to find technical talent for her clients. Angela puts the sound of sourcing into your local coffee shop. Follow her on Instagram or Snapchat to learn how she differentiates herself from the everyday recruiting crowd. You will enjoy. Angela on Instagram - abortolusssi and Snapchat - abortolusssi

It was her mother, Debbie (HR Exec), who introduced her into recruiting - "When I was young, I used excel sheets to input skills for an extra buck for my allowance"

Angela was recently nominated as a top 10 recruiting blogger you should follow. In this conversation, we cover the following:

  • Special social media tools Angela uses to recruit.
  • Her experience as a millennial woman in a male dominated field.
  • Her approach and methods to source talent.
  • How she uses non-traditional social platforms like Instagram or Snapchat to brand herself.

Enjoy. Ciao - Ben...

PS - Click HERE to listen to us on iTunes.