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The Pattern Your Work Is Leaving For Others

The work you do leaves a pattern, but just because you leave a pattern does not mean anyone will follow it. In some cases people may need to clean up or destroy your pattern because the pattern was not a recipe for success and happiness. Work on your pattern. Every. Day. Study the pattern of the people who did work before you and learn from their pattern to create your own pattern of success and happiness. Patterns repeat themselves like wallpaper on a unique hotel wall. People spend too much time arguing over trivial work matters like who is going to type up the report or do the work nobody else wants to do. These arguments do little for your pattern.

I just bought a ball cap from Laura (from Maine) at a pharmacy of all places in Snowbird Ski Resort - Salt Lake City, Utah. I asked Laura where I could buy these hats for a lower price. She told me that I could not buy her style of hats anywhere else in the world because she had several Snowbird hats uniquely made for her store. She then offered me a discount. How could I pass that up? Laura is leaving a pattern of success for others to follow...

Many people seek money, fame, good lucks and various other advancements in the work place. Is this a pattern others will want to follow? These same people fear looking bad, being poor, dealing with pain or loss and having the ugliest house on the block. Is this a pattern that can handle hardships?

Attack what you fear head on and develop a tolerance for what you fear. Eat cereal for dinner instead of steak. Avoid what everyone else seeks out and focus on your pattern of success and happiness. Seek your own friendship and embrace any hardships.

The crew who comes in to clean up your mess when you quit your job or go away to some other place is the crew who will know what your pattern of success looks like. Laura, who takes pride in creating and selling unique ball caps, has already created a pattern worth following more than any of your friends at work.

The culture, the people who choose to create a pattern of success and happiness, is a choice. It's the result of care and dedication.

What pattern of success are you creating? Will anyone follow it...