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You Are The Duck In Water

A duck in water floats in a calm and peaceful manner. The duck looks like there is little effort involved to glide across the pond, but a duck in water is actually working his a@# off underneath the water. His feet are paddling like mad to keep moving. Think of all the times in your day when life introduces curve balls. Friends die, family members disappoint, people quit, technology fails and coffee spills. These are curve balls you do not expect. These are the times you need to paddle like hell to glide through life.

When we watch people who are good at something we do not see or we forget the countless hours they spent struggling. The 10,000 hour rule - a la Malcom Gladwell. If we do see them struggle, we are quick to judge and label them a failure. Keep paddling like a duck. Paddle, paddle and paddle more but do not complain about your paddles. Everyone is paddling.

You will always be working on something to make it look perfect. Do not wait for perfection but know when to release your final product. Release your product too late and you miss your chance and release your product too soon and you miss your chance. Lose/lose. Timing is almost everything.

Almost all appearances can be like a final product, such as...

  • Your next podcast appearance - Speak like someone will listen to your words.
  • Your next meeting with a client - Make your conversation worth remembering. 
  • Your time spent with loved ones - Be in the moment with them. 
  • Your guitar solo - People want to hear your chords and songs. Make music for people's ears.
  • Your next athletic event - Your opponent is expecting your final product. Be in the moment.
  • Your next document you send - Your recipient wants your final product. Always.
  • Your next almost anything...

Everyday - you are the duck in water. Your feet need to move but on the outside you need to appear as calm as a Hindu cow.