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A Suggestion for Change

Large scale change efforts happen when people are dissatisfied enough by the status quo. Change is that simple. When people are dissatisfied enough, they will make a change. Don't spend time getting someone to change their character if they are satisfied with their current character. What is happening to your character if you are trying to change someone else's character...

Don't spend time coaching someone if they do not see the need for the coach. Maybe they are doing as much as they think they can...

It takes force for a change to occur but you cannot force change. People spend hours years of time and hundreds millions of dollars on change efforts that fail.

Much of the work we do everyday is working on getting other people to change. You need them to change what they are doing to respond to your email, text, voicemail, tweet, etc.

What change effort are you trying to lead? What battle/s are you fighting in your head?

Sending emails to "All" or posting pictures and updates to "Everyone" does not mean people will change. Tagging yourself with a big logo or attaching yourself to a creed and then telling people they should change because of the logo or creed does not change people.

People change when they are dissatisfied enough by the status quo and see a vision of the new change. Once people are dissatisfied and they see something better (vision) change spreads by contagion.

What about people who just do not see the need for change? Well - it could mean they are happier than you (that is likely and wonderful) OR they are just not dissatisfied enough.

Lastly, may I make a suggestion? By all means - the easiest and most important person to change is you.