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The Quest for I Don't Know

Most people are on a quest for something. They quest money in sales, fame in politics, enlightenment in religion and winning in sports. In science, the quest is for truth but why does the quest for truth fizzle when it hits business or other worldly areas? In recruiting wouldn't you want to know the truth about your candidate? But many interviewers just want to sound smart in front of someone. The interviewer blabs and blabs or the candidate just blabs...

In sales wouldn't you want to have the greatest experience with a customer? You would need to know the truth of your customer's pains and pleasures. Yet, many sales people just want to make a buck and bounce. The average sales pro cares little about customer pains and pleasures. They will sell you the bells and whistles that you do not need.

In politics wouldn't you want to know the candidate who you can trust the most? But many people just listen to the guy/gal who sounds the smartest or says what they want to hear.

In religion wouldn't you want to open your mind to all other religions to learn the truth about everyone's beliefs? But many people only focus on their own religion and limit their views and mind to what many other people believe.

The truth is we do not know the truth and we do little to find out the truth. We rush through our work with the quest for our "something" and sadly this quest does not involve getting at the truth.

What do you want to want? It is okay to say, "I don't know". Sometimes we just do not know.

Schools and organizations push you to always have an answer. They force you into knowing the "whatever" it is they want you to know. The problem is they want you to know something based on their model or recipe. Many of the models or recipes are wrong and do not fit into your every situation. They are right for a few situations but not right for all.

I don't know what the best model or recipe is and I am not saying that all models or recipes are bad or wrong. I am saying that I do not know what the best model or recipe is for every situation you encounter.

The next time you do not know, search for the truth. When you are done searching - ask yourself if your quest led you to the truth. If you do not know, then just say you do not know.

It's okay to say, "I don't know" and be good with that answer. You most likely are blind to something and your view of the world or business challenge will get better and change as you start to know. Quest over.