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PODCAST: Gabriel Moncayo - The Guy Who Runs the #1 Rated Sales Bootcamp - AlwaysHired

Gabriel Moncayo

"The conventional wisdom about selling is that selling is convincing people to do things. It's not about convincing people to do things. It's about being a mirror. The best sales people are the best mirrors." -Gabriel Moncayo 

Ramping and training sales reps is an important lever for your company. The faster a sales rep ramps and gets to full productivity - the more revenue your company brings in. Meet - Gabriel Moncayo - CEO & Founder of AlwaysHired...

On episode #18 of Secret Tech Sauce podcast you will not only learn how Gabriel half-tackled Marshawn Lynch (NFL football star) in high school but you will also learn how his company, AlwaysHired, runs the #1 Sales Bootcamp around. Those of you involved with hiring sales pros, know how hard it is to ramp and train people into top sales pros. Tune into this episode to learn some tips and tricks.

Follow Gabe on Twitter to learn more about him. Gabriel is on to something with AlwaysHired. 

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