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Experts Schmexperts

Sooner or later you will do something long enough to the point where some people will think you are an expert. Blah... Experts live and think in tunnels. They read the same books and articles about their field and pay little attention to the world around them. They get stuck on the "top 50 lists" or the "top 10 lists" and lose sight of what is in their heart and mind. They read the same media as everyone else in their expert field.

Experts want to wear a name badge all day long with their claim of expertise on their badge. "Hello, I am Bob. Expert in waking up".

Many people who claim to be experts take credit for the successes and pass the buck on the failures. As that ole saying goes, "success has many fathers, failure has one mother". In recruiting, everyone wants to take credit for the good hire. Nobody wants to claim the bad hire...

I write and share what is on my mind with you and this does not make me an expert at writing or whatever I choose to write. Yes - I do work in the tech, HR and recruiting space but I purposely choose to not only write about HR and recruiting. That would be too narrow for me.

My reasons for writing is to show you that I am not expert in anything. Rather I am more curious and open to showing you what is in my heart and mind. Writing puts myself in a vulnerable position to where anyone can read and laugh at what I say. Someone could hire me or not hire me for what I write on my blog. So be it.

Experts are always in demand but rarely in supply. Experts have tunnel vision and the people looking for experts are often in the tunnel with the experts.

And so, the next time you find yourself thinking you are an expert or being called an expert - get out of the tunnel and work in a different spot or space.