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Thursday - The Best Day of the week for Hamsters

Happy Thursday. Thursday is the best day for many people because they are excited for Friday. Friday is not the best day because they realize on Friday they are trained like a hamster who works in a maze filled with prima donnas, bureaucracy, and business people who view life with tunnel vision. They only live for the weekends. Thursdays... For some people, they work at a company that allows them to wear jeans on Friday. Some people call this "Jeans Friday". The freedom to wear jeans on Friday makes their Thursday even better because they are excited to wear jeans for Friday. Can you wear jeans or do you have to wear a suit today?

Break the rules. Wear dress pants on Friday, T-Shirts on Monday, type a letter in Baskerville font, call a candidate's bluff, work in a vacant office and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Yeah...get f@#$ing crazy in corporate America baby. Live Sunday through Saturday.

The next time you catch yourself excited on a Thursday, re-adjust for the next week (Friday to Thursday). Own it. It is your mess to clean-up. Change anything you see fit and act accordingly. Each week is short, but the short weeks add up and become your long life.

Have a good Thursday.