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PODCAST: Mei Siauw - Co-Founder/CEO LeadIQ


"We eat our dog food at LeadIQ. Dog food can be gross. Ours is not. We know our customer's pains." - Mei Siauw

If you were to look at a sales reps open tabs on their browser, you would see 38 open tabs on their browser because they spend so much time copying and pasting data from LinkedIn, Salesforce (or other CRM), spreadsheets and then pasting the data into some sales prospect list. Huge pain in the @#% and inefficient. Meet Mei Siauw. Her company, LeadIQ, makes the work of prospect lists and leads much easier.

Mei founded LeadIQ in the way all good companies start, serendipity. She was working with her Co-Founder on a different start-up to form her own prospect list because they needed to find customers. Her job was to find customers and she realized how difficult and painful this can be. This discovery of how painful it was to find and organize leads lead her to find LeadIQ. She quickly realized all companies have this problem - finding and organizing leads so the company can grow revenue.

Enough of my rambles. There is more to her story and success of life on Episode #19 of Secret Tech Sauce. Mei can tell it better than me...

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