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Can you hustle like Mr. Miyagi?

The term hustle is often used to describe someone with an ability to get things done with minimal resources. Many people think -hustling is "appearing busy" or "walking fast in the office" or "thinking while someone is speaking, instead of listening". These people are not hustlers... When I think of a hustler, I think of Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid Part I. Mr. Miyagi acted low key but could play like a ninja. One of his best hustle moves was the scene when he tricked the Karate tournament organizer into lending him a black belt for "Daniel son". Mr. Miyagi knew he had to hustle at the moment and he didn't think twice about hustling his way into a tournament that he knew he had the skills to belong.

Good hustlers are confident they can get what they want without following the normal procedures. They do not need to follow someone else's shoes. Mr. Miyagi knew "Daniel son" was black belt status but didn't need some organization to confirm it. Hustlers...they are too good to be ignored and too low key to see.

Think of all the hustlers in your profession. Many of them do not have the fancy certifications, degrees and so on. They just hustle hard.

Have a good Friday. Hustle hard. Enjoy the 31 second Mr. Miyagi scene below (email subscribers click through)...