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Career Advice - Take Your Own Medicine

The other day I had a talk with an ambitious businessman. He was all about helping other people in their careers but left little room to help himself. He felt cheated. Mr. Ambitious needs to take his own medicine. He should identify his leadership list and most important behaviors, then help himself. If he can't help himself, he can't help others. You are responsible for getting yourself out of bed and developing yourself. Your company, religious organization, boss, executive team, board of directors, neighbors, friends, and family want you to grow but it is not their job to develop your behaviors. Nobody at work is responsible for you to become more competent. That is 110% your job to figure it out. Take your medicine.

I laugh when I hear the HR pro working on the "Performance Management" methods or "Development Plans" for the entire company. The company is paying people to perform. Yes, they want you to become better and the good companies will pay for you to get more skillful and competent - but it still comes down to you choosing to get off your A#@ and behave better in your trade. No excuses. Nobody owes you anything. Hahaha...

Fill out your prescription. You owe yourself your own medicine.