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Your Value On Snapchat is only good for 24 hours

These days - your work can last as long as your Snapchat story, 24 hours... A couple weeks ago during a business trip to Seattle, I changed things up a bit and presented RACI with Oumar Traore (HireVue Global Talent Manager) on the Snapchat. Tune in below. Beyond Snap filters - my "responsibility" with Snap is to add value to you or someone's life. Isn't that what we are all shooting for?

Many people are into Snapchat these days. HR pros are jumping on Snap to figure out how they get value out of the platform. Reference Snapchats about the SHRM DC 2016 conference this past week.

All that said - you can be different on Snapchat with your same old boring presentations. See what I did below with a presentation on RACI. For those that do not know, RACI is a way to assign Responsibility and Accountability to work activities. A boring but effective concept that I had 60 people watch on the Snap.

My work, on the other hand, should always be centered on creating value. You can do whatever you want on Snap and people do but think about the value you create, the work you do that no one else can do. That is the real reason we would tune into your Snapchat story.

We have a new day every 24 hours and as luck has it so does your Snap story. Forget what happened yesterday. Start a new story today.

PS - Snap me here - 'benmartinezj' AND Thx for being a baller - Oumar AND Hat-tip to my working pal Bart for his take on HR.