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Work on your Illusion

The ability to change without the reason for change takes discipline beyond the average person. Many people change because they have a catastrophe occur in their life (illness, death, major body change, life change etc.). In business, this shows up with some shift in their business that makes them start their own business or new job. The change is like an illusion they perceive as true. In 2008 - former Paypal exec, David Sacks, founded a company called, Yammer. After about four years, Microsoft bought his company for $1.2b.

What do you think made him think he could start a tech company and sell it for $1.2b? Do you think that was his plan or was it an illusion he thought to be true? What was his reason for changing? From Paypal exec to start-up, Yammer. Hmmmm.

But what about the people who do not experience a major sudden change? The people who experience a gradual change of something over years and later realize that experience gave them the confidence to do something on their own. Some businesses start like a gradual illusion and eventually become real.

Think about the changes you need to make but there has been no compelling event in your life that has made you make a change. Many people come home from work, watch TV, eat food then veg out until bed time. Life is good so why should they change?

Work on your trade, art, game, skill or craft. Watch kids do what they love to do - play. They turn anything into play. Their trade is their play and the unintended consequence is them learning something by using their wildly imaginative minds. They are serious about playing like it is their main trade in life. It actually is.

When people play they become more curious and this creates change because they start thinking about doing something different and eventually do something different. Being curious is being open to the other side of the book shelf. The different authors, the other people's perspectives and the other side of the table. Play around with different books, authors, and people. See what they do to pass the days and nights.

In our day jobs, many people spend time thinking about what someone else in their office should do instead of being happy playing in their world. They fail to create their own illusion they believe to be true. When your work is over it will be an illusion that you will never get back so you might as well make it a fun illusion with your mind and imagination. You will never get your work back and your job is one of the most temporary things you will ever do.

We have the ability to change. No matter how big or small the reason for change is. What illusion are you working on today? What side jobs are your illusion? How can you change it up for tomorrow?