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Doing Something or Doing Nothing

One of the most likely ways to fail at doing something is to do something. Doing something or doing nothing. Both choices can lead you to trouble or lead you to joy and both choices are an action. When you reflect on your day it will be hard to say you did nothing. Many people think they have to go somewhere, join something, change something, hire someone, make something, destroy something or create something. They think about taking action to say they did something. Few people think about doing nothing.

In baseball - You can swing the bat which can lead to a hit or strike out OR do nothing and not swing the bat which can lead to a walk or strike out. Doing nothing can be a good choice. Save your swings for later.

Nothing is a good choice at times and doing something is a good choice at times. Many times we do nothing when we should do something and many times we do something when should do nothing. Look at billboard advertisements and ads. They all want you to do something. Take action - buy this or that or change what you are doing. Do something.

Your work is to think through your decisions and be oblivious to what a billboard advertisement says you should do. Your decisions create your life in front of you each day and each one of these decisions is about doing something or nothing. Never let anyone make you think you have to do something. It is your choice to do nothing or to do something and both choices are normal actions.

Many failures are because people believe they have to do something. Ponder this...

83% of company acquisitions fail. Why do companies still do them? They could nothing.

90% of start-ups fail. Why do people keep starting companies? They could nothing.

One in five hires are bad hires. Why do people keep hiring? They could nothing.

70% of all change initiatives within companies fail. Why do companies try to change? They could do nothing.

More diets fail than succeed, about half of marriages fail and the numbers are higher for subsequent marriages, and more than 50% of sales reps fail to achieve their quota. The pursuits to get skinny, find love, be happy and make money could be avoided by doing nothing.

Doing nothing is not easy to do because you have to not care that you are not doing something. Your decision to do something has a better chance of failing than succeeding. You have to care more about doing nothing than doing something. What you are doing? Who you are becoming? Who are you doing something with? Basic but important questions you should ask yourself at least once per month but consider doing nothing too.

The decisions you are making behind your laptop, phone and in person is what you are becoming. You are becoming someone by doing nothing or doing something.

I have to leave now because I have something to do which could also mean that I plan to do nothing.