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Building vs. Seeing It Through...

Building a company, building a team, building a program, building a process, building a product is entirely different from seeing a company, team, program, process, product through to completion. Seeing it through to completion tells you the difference you made in others and ultimately how successful it was. The home builder rarely knows if they built a house the occupants like or not. The kitchen might be too small, the floors do not last and the basement was poorly designed. The builders move on but the people who live in the house see it through.

Hot shot people start at companies with new ideas, new software and new ways of operating. They are building something. Some know what they are building and sadly some lose sight of what they are building. They build and build then leave without seeing what they built to completion. The hot shot artists think their 1 year building project is enough and move onto some other place they can build their "something" and bring their new ideas, software and ways of operating.

What are you building? Have you looked back to see how it played out? Is anyone using your ideas, software or ways of operating? OR was it all smoke, illusions and bags full of worries. What you build should be what you see through. You fail, you learn. You succeed, you learn.

The sales reps who pitches his idea 100 times then finally wins is seeing it through to completion and has developed the trait of grit. The good artists go through an experimental process to continue to get feedback to learn and learn then boom....the musician gets her hit, the artist gets his masterpiece and the writer gets her book sold. Each artist sees their work through to completion. Experimenting + Failing + Winning = Grit.

Many people could be given all the money and resources to build something and still fail to see it through. They get seduced into building their image and fame as the product that is being built instead of something lasting that will add value to all around them.

The ones working on adding value do not care and will never care who gets the credit for what. They care about seeing it through and are never satisfied with the final product.

What are you building? How long will it take? What is your plan to see it through?