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VueNation hits the YouTube - Decisions in the workplace

Too often we get a little information about something and let society or the organization we are part of make decisions for us. Because everyone else is doing marketing on Facebook your business should as well. Because everyone else gets promoted after 1 year on the job you should get promoted or leave to another company. Because everyone else is going vegan, you should too. How many people just start a YouTube channel of their company culture? We got 2 Iphones and a nice camera guy and did just that... Many people pursue something to get famous or get more likes or they get jealous because someone appears to be doing better than them. They lose sight of being true to themselves. It is easy to do when you do not pay attention to what you are doing. I have seen people act irrational - lose friends and lie -  just to become the Vice President of the shaving cream division. Really?

With the VueNation YouTube Channel - we are just being us. No pursuit to be famous or get recognized by the Wall Street Journal. Just some techy people doing their thang.

Humans make mistakes, we can't predict the future (don't believe your forecast) and there will always be an unforseen event that will derail you. Be aware and good with mistakes and you will always be good to do something new. How is your Google+ strategy going? ;)...

My company, HireVue, is always game for new tips and tricks to show you our talent and culture. Check our new YouTube channel (click through below). If your Mom or Dad won't let you watch YouTube then follow us somewhere else - Snapchat, Instagram or Wherever...

You make the decision - would you subscribe to our YouTube channel? Would you work with us?...

Shout-out to these 2 for the work on the YouTube Channel - @abbymathewsj AND @notswyft  - Keep balling.