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The Meeting Mind

Someone's mind in a meeting does not concentrate on what other people are saying. They develop "meeting mind". Meeting mind is when people are in a meeting with something else on their mind. They can't stay off their laptop or iPhone and are out of touch. They are too focused on pushing their agenda or protecting their agenda during the meeting and lose touch of human interaction. Learn to concentrate on what other people are saying. Listen as closely as possible. This will be the hardest part of any meeting.

Show up to a meeting with an idea, solution or direction.

Be clear with yourself before the meeting on what you want out of the meeting.

Each meeting or interaction is an exchange. Listen to what the other people are saying.

Do you want a decision? A discussion? An update from the other person? An impression? A change? An update?

Warm up the interaction then go for the tough question. Too many people forget to warm up the interaction and close people down before the interaction begins.

Interaction by interaction things will change but the work world around you jumps around based on rare events - economic downturns, verbal attacks, terminations, unicorns and lottery picks. People live based on the rare events.

Many people show up to work thinking everything will change the way they want it on that day and fail to look back on what has changed over the last week, month or this morning. I bet you are walking into work today thinking someone will recognize how great you are and your wildest dreams will come true. Keep dreaming, but show up to work.

The world is constantly changing. We just live in it. In your next interaction see how you have changed and how the other person has changed.

One of the most overlooked actions during a meeting is the ability to listen and be in the moment. Listening should be on the agenda but too many people have "meeting mind".

Watch and listen the next time a room full of people are talking. You will see who has "meeting mind". If you watch close enough you will see who gets it and who does not get it...


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