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Secret Tech Sauce Podcast: Ep 20 - Marie Schneegans - CEO - Never Eat Alone

Marie Schneegans No sales pitch here. My podcast, Secret Tech Sauce, is back after a three-month break. My guest is Marie Schneegans, founder of the company - Never Eat Alone. She is incredible and will share how her company creates a community inside of organizations.

Marie will share her story of how she turned a pain that she experienced into a business as many entrepreneurs do. She went from eating alone or eating with the same people to creating an app that allows people inside of companies to interact and do something basic but important - eat together!

In a natural fashion, you will hear me interview Marie who is based in Paris, France. As always - I do this podcast in its raw form as you can hear my struggles in warming up the conversation with Marie, which is not easy people. With a podcast - you put yourself out there to thousands of people and let them listen to your conversation.

Listening to a podcast on Secret Tech Sauce is like ease dropping on two people's conversation at a coffee shop. Natural and real. Grab your favorite cup of Joe and listen to Episode 20 with Marie Schneegans.

Lastly - you can laugh when she drops me cold on the interview because her Uber shows up to her house. Damn, she must have had good plans that Friday night.

Enough of my rambles...Tune in below and Never Eat Alone again ;)...