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Secret Tech Sauce Podcast: Episode 21: Arne Giske - Host of The Millennial Entrepreneur

Arne Giske

"The Secret Sauce is being a human in business. With Podcasts - You get a little bit of extra room to move around and be yourself. You can't make a script for an hour-long show and you  -Arne Giske

Hosting a podcast is no vacation job. My guest for this podcast is Arne Giske. A young baller who has created a community of entrepreneurs through his podcast - The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast and his Facebook Group - Millennial Entrepreneur Community. This is his side hustle while he is not doing Giske Business. He is also probably one of the only millennials, not on Instagram or Snapchat...

On episode #21 of Secret Tech Sauce podcast you will learn that with motivation and discipline you can start a podcast. Arne is full of ideas and executes on those ideas with his business - Giske Business.

Follow Arne on Twitter - @MillennialTrep or find him on Facebook where he has created a community of people curious to figure out their niche in the world.

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