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Saturday Edition: Ten Things Anyone Can Do

Ten things anyone can do. Do these things to give yourself control over your day...

  1. Being On Time - This one is tough for me too. I am too much of an optimist and believe that I can get a lot done in a little time which causes me to be late. I get wrapped up in the moment too often and do not want to leave what I am doing. I need to fix that. Noted and will start now.
  2. Work Ethic - Work like you need a job. If someone questions my work ethic, I want to know. I work hard at working hard and will continue doing so. Work ethic often gets miss-labeled. Usually when someone is tired of their job, not engaged or has a bad boss...others falsely say the person has poor work ethic. The issue is due to other external events that could be fixed. Make the work more enjoyable, fix the boss or something else and people will become empowered when they know they can control their success based on their effort. A good sign of empowerment is when you are willing to work beyond your job description.
  3. Effort - Effort is more like discipline. If you practice your trade or skill the results will come. Effort is related to discipline in that you have to be willing to practice something over and over even when it is not fun and you are tired or you are terrible at whatever you are practicing. Just keep practicing. Good will come out of it. If anything you can go down on your own terms and go down swinging. This applies in almost any line of work - music, art, business, sports, etc.
  4. Body Language - This means a lot and can easily be forgotten throughout the day when we get stuck on our work or too attached to work issues. Get out of your own way and detach yourself. You are most likely not a brain is just work. Your work and the problems essentially are not your personal problems they are business problems but they are not attached to your body and should not be attached to your head. They are someone else's problems that you are getting paid to fix, improve or do something to make better. Usually, our body language is poor when we let our problems attach to our body. Detach and move forward.
  5. Energy - Get sleep. This one is easy to screw up. If you are hustler you will want to burn it at both ends of the stick. Do. Not. Do. It. I shoot for 7-8 hours every night. I don't always get it but I go for it and get the 7-8 when I can. Last night I did not because I had a lot on my mind but I meditated my way out of it at 3AM and got back into a deep sleep. I need my energy each day. This one is probably the most important and will fuel much of anything you do each day. Your energy at home should be just as good or better than at work. Do not burn out at work or home. Keep it balanced.
  6. Attitude - Good attitudes are good to be around. Bad attitudes are bad to be around. Be the good one. It will be hard and many people will want to be around you and you will want to get mad and frustrated because you lack the time to help everyone but time will always be limited. Consider it a good thing. People are coming to you because of your contagious good attitude. Keep it up. Your family notices, which is more critical than anyone.
  7. Passion - Yadayada - everyone talks about passion but nobody seems to really get it. My version - do something you would do for free. If you do not want to do it on a weekend, then question why you would do it. Every job will have the mundane and boring stuff. Just keep the boring work to a minimum and keep the doing the good work as much as you can.
  8. Being Coachable - Coach people but realize you have warts and can stink too. Find a trusted network. Ask them for feedback. Listen and adapt. Truth hurts but best to get it out first. I notice many issues could be well prevented if someone would say the honest truth right in the beginning. Being truthful upfront will prevent people from doing the work that later gets re-worked or re-hashed. Speak the truth in the beginning.
  9. Doing Extra - In short - work beyond your job description. Add value. Always ask if what you are doing is adding value and to whom. Reflect on that. If it is adding value, amp up what you are doing by 150%.
  10. Being Prepared - The easiest way to gain confidence, eliminate fear or anxiety is be prepared. The night before look at your calendar. What do you need to prepare? This usually takes 10 minutes. Just prepare and show up. Know your numbers. If you do not know your numbers find out what numbers you need to know and come ready to know them. Again - know your numbers.

There are more than 10 things and to be candid - I ripped this list off a LinkedIn update (credit picture) and elaborated on it with my comments. Thanks for the share Matt Hirsheimer. You put up with my ways when we worked together at Pepsi years ago and for that I always thank you.