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PODCAST #22: Kolby Kolibas - "There are no such things as hacks. You just gotta put the work in."

Kolby Kolibas "There are no such things as hacks. You just gotta put the work in." - Kolby Kolibas

"Being an entrepreneur is not like being in a rap video. It sucks. It's hard. It's lonely. It's almost costed me my family, five or six times." - Kolby Kolibas

Kolby Kolibas, Founder of The Healthy Primate - Kolby Kay has been around. Kolby shares the different versions of his career from his early days of working with the 2002 Olympics to being a stressed out and overweight sales executive at big companies like Dell and Insight. Kolby was making money but not happy because his health was bad.

Through his journeys, Kolby realized the importance of health and how health can impact your ability to be productive.

In episode 22 of Secret Tech Sauce, I cover the following with Kolby:

  • The crooked moves of pharmaceutical companies to sell you their drugs
  • His daily routine - it will weed out any fakes in the hustle and entrepreneur world
  • The community and people he has created with The Healthy Primate
  • Incredible books and advice on philosophies in life
  • Much more…

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  • Kolby background - Music producing to 2002 Olympics to Sales Executive to Healthy Primate
  • Day in the life of Kolby - Cayenne Pepper anyone?
  • Stress - it is good for you but how to you control it?
  • Xanex - Just say no to big pharma drugs.
  • Kolby's Top books to get ahead.
  • Next steps for The Healthy Primate
  • Close it