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Interact Right Now

Right now is a time to write more and get off Facebook more. Right now is a time to interact with people more. Right now is a time to understand both sides of the story. Right now is a time to roll up our sleeves and get clear on what we are working on. Right now is a time to persist. Grit is the new buzzword everyone is using. Do not make grit your buzzword. Show you have grit by showing up. Pick the work you are going to do and pick the customers you are going to make a difference with. Do that right now.

Right now is a time to take your energy for change and pour it into your hobby or side hustle. Right now is that time. Right now you are the center of your problems and you must get out of your own way. Right now people are watching you because they do not know who else to watch.

Right now there are people creating businesses and musicians and artists creating incredible work by focusing their energy at something they want, right now.

Right now you are about to collapse but you are strong and can persist. Persistence is not a subject in school. It comes with life experiences.

Right now you do not know want to say. Just listen. Right now there are people wanting to gather in large audiences to preach change. Right now you should find the people to interact with and interact with them in smaller and more personal settings. No intentions with your interactions. Just interact without hate.

Interaction by interaction will create opportunities to succeed and fail. Successes and failures are good experiences to learn from. Enough small interactions with responsible and caring people will create change right now.