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Episode 25 - Secret Tech Sauce Podcast - Nick Symmonds 2X Olympian & CEO RunGum

Nick Running

On human work  - "I love working. I think humans are made to be productive and work."

Perseverance and setbacks - "Every single thing in life is going to have obstacles. There are people who persevere through obstacles and there are people who let an obstacle defeat them. Successful people just don't let an obstacle defeat them."

Nick Symmonds, two-time Olympian and now CEO of Run Gum. Nick’s intensity comes through in a strong way on this episode. Nick’s story to qualify for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics to run the 800 m and the lessons he learned from each of those experiences to transform his focus into being an entrepreneur.

Nick will share with you how he turned a professional pain, high sugar performance drinks, into functional chewing gum to maximize his performance. Nick may not have an off switch and I look forward to seeing where Run Gum goes. Nick's ability to persevere after setbacks in training for the Olympics and willingness to speak up on causes he is passionate about is what we need in this world.

On Episode 25 of Secret Tech Sauce podcast you will learn:

  • Nick’s background - from soccer to running
  • Nick’s first running breakthrough as a rookie professional runner
  • Lessons learned as an Olympian runner in 2008 (Beijing) Olympics and 2012 (London) Olympics
  • Ability to overcome setbacks - ankle injury
  • Run Gum - how the product and company was created - from energy drinks to chewing gum to maximize performance
  • Nick’s passion about “Voice for Athletes Rights” and his unique ability to speak up
  • Perseverance and the importance of not letting obstacles defeat you - 2X Olympian knows perseverance 
  • Paris Hilton, advertising tattoos (Twitter handle on his shoulder) and future plans
  • And much, much more…

Without further ado, please enjoy this highly caffeinated endorsed episode.

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