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Busy vs. On Top of Things

Difference between being busy and being on top of things... If I ask how things are going and you say "I am busy" or "things have been hectic". You are just busy and probably out of control and not on top of things. You have let life take control of your work and you have no say in your life. You are just going through the motions. You do not control what time you wake up or go to bed. You are busy.

If you are on top of things, no matter the curve balls of life or physical or mental demands placed on you - you got this. You are on top of new boss changes, company changes, family changes, sleep, diet and exercise. You control your thoughts and mind. You are top of things.

I want to do work with people who are on top of things. Busy people complain. People in control say I got this or I will get this. Busy people can't handle a curve ball or two or three. Busy people can't handle life when their dinner plans change. They are too attached to what they had thought dinner would be - steak, tofu or pizza. They need external events, like dinner plans, to control them. They are not on top of things.

The next time someone asks you how things are going - think about what you are showing them. Are you too busy to meet with them? Are you too busy for other opportunities? Busy people do not get the good work or good looks.

People in control know when to be on top of things and know when to take on more work or to meet with people. People in control want to work with other people in control. They can handle chaos. Busy people are too busy to meet with other people, thus they never meet and nothing happens. They just go through life being busy without knowing their purpose, what they do, what they stand for, what differences they make with others and why they do what they do.

Be busy being on top of things.