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Secret Tech Sauce Podcast - Ep #26 - High Impact Listening -Tatiana Kolovou


Bad Speaking Karma - "When everyone is looking at their phones during a speaking presentation. This will come back to haunt you.” - Tatiana Kolovou

Listening formula - “Purpose + Presence - Distractions = High Impact Listening” - Tatiana Kolovou

Listen up! Tatiana Kolovou, will give you a lesson on a topic that you can apply in any aspect of your life - high impact listening.

Tatiana is a Senior Lecturer at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, she coaches and works with executives and entrepreneurs with her consulting business and also teaches through Tatiana will share with you how you can be better at what you do just by being a better listener. Listening is harder than speaking so listen up to this episode and apply what you learned in your day job.

In Episode 26 with Tatiana Kolovou - you will learn: 

  • Tatiana’s background - From Athens, Greece to Indiana University as a swimmer to swim and study under the legendary Olympic swim coach - Doc Counsilman  
  • Technology - how it helps and how it hurts us with listening
  • Bad speaking Karma - did you know there was such a thing?
  • High Impact Listening equation = Purpose + Presence - Distractions  
  • How to focus on listening throughout our day and still get things done
  • Listening - it is a dance, not a boxing match
  • Listening and communicating to be more effective as an entrepreneur or executive to pitch your ideas
  • Learnings from the legendary Olympic and Hall of Fame swim coach - Doc Counsilman on how he used listening to coach Olympic athletes
  • Finding balance in a crazy work environment - Find ways to balance yourself which helps with presence and listening
  • Are women better listeners than men or visa versa?
  • Good book reads
  • And much, much more…

Without further ado, please listen to this episode.


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