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You Want Perfect - Create A Fiction Life

Never think you can't do something perfect. It may be your parent, boss, lover or friend telling you that are not perfect (which is probably true) but you can create something perfect. Non-Fiction life is not perfect. Fiction life can be created to be perfect. Create something like - your best fiction life and live it. If you want perfect - create a make believe dream reality to be perfect. Work on the work you are interested in doing even when your job description does not ask you to do it. Remember this is your dream, nobody else's dream. Attend interesting conferences, care less about trivial S@#$T, don't follow the majority, figure out how to meet the people you want to meet and conquer your greatest fears. This is your perfect dream. Right?

Your job is to create the things in your life that will create your happiness. It is not anyone else's job. Life is not perfect but your dreams can be. You have a dream, go get it.

The minute you walk out your front door, life will be everything but perfect. Have the bravery to pass through the imperfections into your dream reality of perfect. Fiction can be lived into reality.

Hat-Tip - The "Pursuit of Happiness" clip for these thoughts. Enjoy the 2-minute clip. You might cry like I think I did.