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It. Is. 2017 - Do You Know What To Do?...

"When you see a new trail, or a footprint you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing." - Uncheedah (The grandmother of Ohiyesa) If you are like the other millions of people out there you have a resolution related to health, organization, living life, learning new hobbies, money, travel or reading. We are a couple of weeks into the New Year and I submit to say you have already failed at your resolution.

41% of Americans make resolutions. Only 9% succeed in making the resolutions and 42% never succeed at their resolutions. These statistics do not mean we should avoid thinking about how to be better.

Resolutions fade away over the year because of our attitudes. Every day we have a choice of what our attitude will be, not just the start of a new year. No matter how little sleep you get the night before, your attitude will carry you through the day and attract the people and work you do.

You can set goals, complete them and still be unhappy. Attitude. What are you going after, day in and day out? The things that bring us happiness are simple and do not cost much of anything in terms of dollars.

Complete resolutions about money or some career goal - you will not be happy. You are chasing significance in your life but not connecting with people.

You can do more traveling, BUT - you will only be able to temporarily escape your reality. When you return home, there is still dog poop to pick up. You will need a good attitude while you pick up dog poop. I hate to pick up dog poop but it must be done.

New hobbies - they are good - but after you immerse yourself in the hobby - you will grow frustrated that you can't do the hobby all the time.

What kind of leader do you want to be led by and be that leader. Show yourself, do not tell yourself. Do the work and go down the path of your work each day to the point of knowing. What is your attitude today? Not this year.

Like every year - I dedicate two phrases or words. In 2017 my phrases are - 1) "No Complaining" AND 2) "Stop and Smell the Flowers." Elaboration below...

"No Complaining" - I have family, work and social obligations. I will accept the good with the bad. No complaints. Talking about work is cheap. Doing the work is valuable.

Everyday I will encounter truthful and kind people and I will also encounter greedy, arrogant and sometimes dishonest people. I will not complain. I will work with them. I will not blame life or the referee when there is a bad call. Do the work.

"Stop and Smell the Flowers" - I am surrounded by flowers every day when I stop and look for them, even in the snow. The fact I arrive to work without a car accident is a miracle. My body could be broken as I lay on the side of the road. If I choose to see flowers around me - I can see them.

Find the good in every conversation. When it seems the other person is boring, see the flowers in the situation. If you are talking over coffee, maybe the coffee is good but the person is boring. If you are talking over pizza maybe the other person is boring but the pizza is good. See the flowers. You don't have to take your kids to school. You get to take your kids to school. Flowers.

Run down the path and experience the unknown today. What is unknown to you might be known to someone else but it is your job to get to the point of knowing.

Happy New Year. What is unknown in 2017?...