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Repetition, boring & ugly - leads to great performances

Repetition is boring. The great performers repetitively practice and practice until change happens. Repetition is gradual, which makes change gradual. Rep by rep your body and mind change and the type of work you put out changes... Change is boring to watch and sometimes painful to experience but that is how change happens. Boring and painful.

The exciting part of change is when you get to create your own change. You feel in control and a sense of accomplishment. The body builder who gets to see their body change, the musician who gets to hear their music improve or the athlete who gets to see her shot get better. Life is a constant change.

The great performers do not care if anyone is watching them practice. Their life is still significant even when nobody is watching. They are grateful they have the opportunity to practice their skill and see a change happen. You are a professional at whatever it is you do. You practice your trade.

Name the job - you will find great performers in that profession. Cashiers, attorneys, accountants, computer scientists, sales pros, baristas, therapists, gardeners, recruiters, entrepreneurs, etc...

The people who only do something to be seen or recognized are making little difference in their space. They are the ones who do little repetitions when nobody is watching because they only want to be seen or known for doing the work not learning or changing the course of their life. They care more about being seen or known than they care about making a difference.

Make ugly career moves but only if the moves touch your heart and make sense for you. Do the ugly work but only if you are going to learn something from the ugliness. Pursue wisdom, not money or fame. Michael Jordan quit basketball in his prime to pursue professional baseball because that is what his heart told him to do. He failed then returned to being a better basketball player. Ugly, but it made sense to him.

Be boring in your work but wonderful in your performances and polished in your interactions. Build up a high tolerance for pain because the next guy or gal will not be able to handle the change. Work through the boring and the obstacles because you want something bad. This will teach you grit.

My writing - boring, painful and published.

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