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#Podcast Episode 29 - Secret Tech Sauce interview w/ Colleen Jenkins - CEO/Founder of PluggedIn

Colleen Jenkins

"There is a common misconception amongst International students. They believe start-ups won't hire international talent because they believe they can't afford the Visa sponsorships when it might be the other way around. Start-ups are going to pick the best person for their team & willing to take the risks on hires." - Colleen Jenkins

Secret Tech Sauce Episode 29 is out. Meet Entrepreneur- Colleen Jenkins - CEO/Founder of PluggedIn.

Other than petting camels Colleen has founded a few companies & currently doing wonderful things with her company, PluggedIn, which she created as a customized software Tech platform that matches top talent with startup & tech companies in St.Louis.

With all the attention of start-ups going in the big cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City - Colleen Jenkins has found her niche in St. Louis with PluggedIn.

She has created a customized technology platform as a service as a software. During her days leading Talent Acquisition for the VC firm, Cultivation Capital, she realized that early stage start ups do not have the time or help to find top talent. Thus she took her entrepreneur skills to work and started PluggedIn.

Entrepreneurship is nothing new to Colleen. In May 2014, she founded and launched CoderGirl, an all women's coding meet-up and training program and even started a music company way back in the day called Coma Gun Music. The point is she has hustle and can ball with the best of them.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Insight into coffee styles and how techies are using coffee
  • Colleen’s background - St. Louis style from high school to graduate school
  • Technology for the productivity-minded- Slack to Google docs to SLC, Utah based - Lucid Software
  • Product CEO vs. Sales CEO
  • The importance of mentors and who Colleen goes to for advice
  • Reading and music - important for anyone who wants to live wisely
  • Colleen’s days in her 20s living in a treehouse with her roommate and a monkey
  • Coffee's for closers - episode over. Check PluggedIn - For your start-up.


Without further ado, grab a cup of Joe and listen to this episode.

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