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I am writing to tell you...

I am writing to tell you that I enjoy hearing from you every day. Every time I hear from you I get a glimpse into what you are thinking and what you are doing. The interactions and communications that happen bit by bit get into our minds and when we share our minds we are able to better connect. Thank you for writing to me so often. How often do you hear from the people you want to work with? What are you doing to do make a difference in the world? You are working, together, right? Share your mind more often. That is how you lead with people and that is how you follow people.

It is the voices and noises in your mind that people want to hear. You do not need to say "In my opinion" - because anything that comes out of your mind and out of your mouth, is your opinion.

I am writing to tell you that I do not hear from you enough. I only hear from myself. I write to myself to see what I am thinking. At times I share what I write with you so that you can see what I am thinking. You think I am writing for you but the large majority of the time, I am writing for me.

What are you doing to share the work you are doing with others? What are you doing to share your mind?

The majority of people think you need a career with a lot of money to be happy. Studies show after you earn $75k per year, you will not be any happier. If you earn over $35k per year, you are making more than most people in the world. Money is good up to a point but fails to bring happiness after a point in time.

I am writing to tell you to share your work more. Share your mind. Share what you learn and what you are doing. Share it with a friend. Share it on social media, if that is your jam. Just share it. Sharing thoughts and minds is what people need to be free and happy...