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Everything you say YES to - You say No to something else

24 hours

Everything you say YES to, you say NO to at least one other thing...

I say yes to writing and no to sleeping.

I say yes to starting a business and no to my current job and no to a little more sleep.

I say yes to watching TV and no to working harder than my competition.

I say yes to drinking at a bar and no to good health, saving money and a clear mind in the morning.

I say yes to sleeping in and no to controlling the day.

I say yes to exercising and no to rushing to work or being sedentary.

I say yes to working long hours in a boring job and no to doing work that engages me.

Every time you say yes, you say no to something else. It sounds easy but it is hard to be aware of unless you watch how you spend your time more - which is all on you. There are 24 hours in a day. You need +/- 8 hours to sleep and that leaves 16 hours to do something with your life everyday...

You can spend the 16 hours taking 2-hour lunches with long wait lines and sitting in traffic all day. You can spend 1-hour gossiping at work with people about work but actually, do no work. Find people who can manage their life, stay out of their way and let them get results.

Eliminate waste and time sucks and also people who suck your time. Time is short. I would take more time than more money. You have just as much time in the day, as Michael Jordan - 24 hours. Use your time wisely and differently. You do not need balance. You need to control your life.

Companies focus on various financial statements but when was the last time a company looked at how people spend their time. Knowing how people spend their time will tell me more about the health of the company. Buy technology or anything that will save people time. End a meeting early if there is nothing else to talk about. Give people time and you will multiple productivities and you and everyone can spend more time on other critical areas of life.

Lots of money is out there to be earned but our time is limited. You just spent 2 minutes reading this post which means you said no to something else. Think about what you say yes to, then do something about it. Act.

Hat-tip to Rory Vaden for the thoughts.