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How Do You Talk To Yourself At 5AM...

Poke in the eye

Psst - Gentle Reminder...

How you talk to yourself is a sign at how you view life. Do you call yourself a dumbass? You are not a dumbass. Would you call the people (family, friends, co-workers) around you a dumbass? If you do, you know that is not right. Check your language and mind. Call yourself something more than that. Be an uplifter.

The other morning at 5AM - I called myself a dumbass because I almost spilled some coffee beans. I looked in the mirror and said - come on Ben - you are not that. You are awesome. I need to believe in myself if I want to do well each day.

What are you calling yourself when nobody is watching? Call yourself something good. Or just - say - come on Ben - you can do better than that and move on and do better. Uplift yourself.

So much attention gets placed on external motivation or finding the motivational quote on social media or the motivational person to admire. The answer is right in front of us each day when we wake up and brush our teeth. Look at yourself and say you are awesome and have a plan on what you are going to do to be awesome that day. Do not get hung up on the future week or the year or the month. You can't predict that far out.

Be in the moment. You are awesome.