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What I am doing now - Sumato Coffee Co.

Right now I am doing the hard work of starting a business. I am leaving HireVue in the coming weeks. I am focused on doing it right. I am leaving HireVue better than when I found it and I am ending things professionally and with my personality on the company and will always be a HireVue fan. That is what I am doing right now. What is this new business? A coffee company. An online coffee subscription company called Sumato Coffee Co. Our mission is to reimagine coffee in the workplace. The place where you do your most meaningful work, at work, should not have stale and old roasted coffee beans. We will provide you fresh beans and teach you ways to brew it. You can also buy your beans to be delivered freshly roasted to your home.

Our logo is below. When you see this logo, it will mean your coffee beans are freshly roasted.

Sumato Coffee Co.

I have a thing for coffee. Always have and always will. It started on my Grandpa's lap when I was about six years old. I am aligning my passion and interests with a business. That is a good combination.

One compliment I heard from a trusted friend when I told him I was launching a coffee business, he said -  "Damn - I can totally see why you are doing this. You get coffee, you know coffee and you enjoy learning about coffee. I am glad you did not say were starting a recruiting business like every other HR pro who leaves their corporate gig."

Contrarily - I have had plenty of people tell me I am crazy. Most good ideas are mixed with people who think the idea is great and people who think it is bad. Many good ideas get laughed out of a board room. One VC told me it was not a good idea but then later told me I should go after it. Not sure what he meant. I do not want his money anyway.

There is something about starting your own business and being able to put your own personality and stamp on it. I got a taste of this at HireVue. As part of the founding executive team. We did some amazing things and some stupid things. All learning experiences. This one is different because I am the driver of the ship.

I have some strong help. At this point - they are known as Sumato Coffee Slingers. When the time is right they will become more involved.

Coffee. Yep coffee, not soda. In fact - soda is full of chemically synthesized caffeine that is not natural. Don't drink soda. Like ever. I used to work for Pepsi and could tell you a few things about soda that no beverage company wants you to know. It is basically processed chemicals in a can.

I want you to be smart about your daily rituals and look at coffee as an experience, not a caffeine jolt like crappy pod coffee or energy drinks. As I write this to you, I am sipping on a fresh roast (7 days old) sourced from Burundithat tastes fruity, berry and nutty. It is freshly ground and brewed via the pour-over method. Coffee is an experience, not some quick hit drug you get from your pharmacist or local drug dealer.

Coffee. This is what I am doing now.

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