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SPECIAL DEAL For The First 100 - #Sumato100 - Coffee Talk

Sumato Coffee Co.

The first 100 people who are willing to take a chance on a start-up and give them their hard earned money are people worth paying attention to. At Sumato Coffee Co., we launched last week and earned 73 customers. Yeah. I call them our #Sumato100. We have 27 spots left to be a member of our first #Sumato100 and I have a special deal if you want in.

Our value is straight-forward. Freshly roasted beans right after you place your order. It is a subscription model so you can set up your frequency (i.e., 1 bag/s per week, 1 bag/s every two weeks, etc.) and you always have freshly roasted beans on hand when you need them. You can change or cancel your order anytime.

I challenge you to pay closer attention to the roast date of your coffee. The next time you go to the grocery store - check the roast date. Many of the bags have an old roast date (30 days or older) and many of the big brands will not tell you when the coffee was roasted because they know it is old.

Freshly roasted beans are like fresh bread out of the oven. Both bread and beans are best when fresh out of the oven/roaster and when no additives or preservatives have been added to it. When coffee beans come out of the roaster they are the freshest, but at this time they immediately start oxidizing. The longer the coffee beans sit, the longer it oxidizes and begins to lose flavor. Two to four weeks later the beans will have lost most of their flavor and will be stale and old, which is exactly what happens to most coffee sitting at your local grocery store. Often pods or pre-ground coffee are topped off with nitrogen to help prevent oxidation.

Right now I am sipping on a cup of Guatemalan sent to me yesterday and it was roasted the day before. I am reimagining how coffee should be in the workplace. Hmmm....

Speaking of Guatemalan - Yesterday, I did a podcast interview with a specialty coffee shop owner based in Guatemala. His name is Zach Daggett and he roasts beans in Guatemala at his La Fabrica shop. He also gets to hand pick the coffee beans from the Guatemalan coffee farms. Stay tuned - I will share the interview when it goes live.

If you missed it - Listen to my podcast on iTunes where I talk about the reasons for launching a coffee business - OR click link below.

Oh and lastly and most importantly - the special deal for the #Sumato100 - Get a free sample bag of one our single origins when you sign up for a subscription. You will save 10% on all future orders with a subscription and we will send you a sample bag to taste. ORDER HERE.

Thank you to you and the #Sumato100 for trusting us and will get you freshly roasted beans and be your coffee go to people when you have any questions about roasting, grinding or brewing. Come reimagine coffee in the workplace with us.

Ciao - Ben

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