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Roasting Coffee at the source - Guatemalan Speciality Cafe Owner - Zach Daggett

Did you know, coffee grows well in about 29-35 countries? In this podcast episode, I interview Guatemalan specialty coffee shop owner, Zach Daggett. After college, Zach did several trips to Guatemala and realized that coffee was something he had to explore with a focus on helping people in the trade. In some ways Guatemalan's coffee situation is similar to the saying, "the cobbler's kids have no shoes"... Guatemala is the #9 coffee producing country in the world BUT unfortunately, the majority of the good Guatemalan coffee gets exported out of the country. Zach saw this as an issue for Guatemalans and created the specialty coffee shop, La Fabrica, where he roasts homegrown Guatemalan coffee beans then brews it for the people in the city of Jalapa, Guatemala.

Prior to starting La Fabrica, Zach received his formal barista training through Anacafe (National Association of Coffee Producers in Guatemala), coffee contributor for and still does import/export work with various different coffee brokers. Enjoy this episode (link below) as we cover the following...


  • Ben/Zach find common ground with ties to Arkansas.
  • Zach talks about his morning freshly brewed cup of Pacamara coffee and why it is special - hmm.
  • Zach shares how a coffee cherry fruit tastes.
  • Zach talks the importance of freshly roasted coffee and how La Fabrica delivers freshly roasted beans to clients.
  • Zach gives advice for starting a coffee company.
  • Over and Out.



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