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The embarrassing but successful launch of a new product

Sumato Freshly Roasted Coffee

One day, I will be embarrassed about the first bag of coffee we roasted and shipped. Creating something new is exciting and also a vulnerability test. There is a lot of work behind a new product that does not get to see the light of day. I am happy with the launch of Sumato Coffee last month but after 41 days, we have evolved and gotten better as it now looks embarrassing.

Our value is repetitive and boring. We roast within 48 hours of your order and ship to you immediately. We are laser focused on fresh roast and the roast date stamped on your bag. Coffee has a shelf life of 14 days and 30 days tops. Pay attention to the roast dates on coffee bags. Grocery stores do not care if your coffee is old.

We have been getting great media coverage. Good write up from Silicon Slopes HERE, Odyssey Online HERE, and this week - A major Coffee news company will be doing a story on Sumato Coffee. Rather than read and share my own press releases written by someone else, I would rather personally give you an update.


*Coffee ☕ - Our freshly roasted beans are tasteful. Our value is freshly roasted - we roast your coffee within 48 hours of it being ordered and ship immediately. I am obsessed over the roast date on your bags. I care more about your roast date than I care if you buy my coffee. Freshly roasted coffee should be available to all coffee drinkers. 

*Coffee offerings - Stay tuned for more "Single Origin" coffee offerings. A couple weeks back I did a cupping of a new Guatemalan and a Costa Rican. More to come. Our most popular blend has been "Thousand Mountains" and our most popular single origin has been "Guatemalan" (my fav). Othering upcoming offerings - An Espresso roast and sample bags to sample other coffees. 

*Marketing learnings-  I do Facebook lives one to two times per week and we focus on Facebook, Instagram and a little Twitter and Snapchat. YouTube brewing guides and tutorials coming soon. Plan to continue to offer insight and education about coffee or people's coffee drinking rituals. Time is more of an issue here vs. money. Sounds easy but harder to execute. Doing my best not to shove ads in your face.

*Community- With Sumato Coffee we have a community of people who understand the importance of freshly roasted coffee beans and enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods. I have had old friends, new friends, family and complete strangers buy our coffee. It feels good when people bond over coffee. Thanks to each of you for your orders. We have had 150+ coffee orders.

*Barista As A Service- BaaS. There is Saas and there is Baas. A couple weeks ago we did our first Barista as a Service in the workplace. In BaaS - We come to your workplace and do some brew to orders for your employees and give everyone a chance to bond more as a team while tasting our freshly roasted beans. I look forward to doing more BaaS for Utah Companies. If you live between Ogden and Provo - hit me up if you are interested. At a minimum, I will hand deliver you a fresh bag of beans on me.

Like a good evolution story, we are continually evolving and embarrassed by how we look today after yesterday's advancements. Like when you look back at old black and white photo shoots of someone's early days...we are quickly evolving. We will always get you our freshest roasted beans and I will work with importers of coffee beans to make sure our beans continue to evolve with each coffee harvest.

Cheers - Ben