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What should you do before using AI to make your wildest recruiting dreams come true


Working with your hands

The other day I watched a Facebook live of a recruiting pro panel talking about AI and Chatbots and the impact on recruiting.

I totally get it. AI is everywhere.

First things first. AI stands for artificial intelligence. In short, software is able to do tasks that are usually carried out by humans. Decision making, visual, voice, and translation.


Before you can do any AI or cutting-edge technology, you need relationships with hiring managers. Start by meeting with your hiring manager before you do your search. Create a google form or just use a pen and paper that captures all the information related to what they want a successful hire to look like. Writing things down is the office jock's version of working with your hands. 

Once you have the relationships and boring form out of the way you can use AI to make your wildest dreams come true. Things like save time, remove bias, find candidates faster and improve the candidate experience.

For the skeptics - yes AI will not solve everything. Watch out for software that claims to predict everything. Many candidates are nervous when interviewing or maybe they just like to put their hands in the pockets when they talk so they use fewer hand gestures.  Software doesn't get the context.

AI can do the mundane and boring work most people don’t like so they can focus on more interesting tasks, like building relationships with hiring managers over good coffee and helping them solve big problems.

AI is here  - Get After It.

PS need a basic recruiting intake form to copy? Click HERE.

PS2 - You should still do work with your hands like the guy in the picture. Mow your own lawn, workout, fix something, bag some coffee, etc.. There is something satisfying about doing work with our hands.

Ben Martinez