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Hiring Sales Talent - Simple But Not Easy

It is simple to make mistakes but it is not easy to learn from mistakes. I have hired hundreds of sales reps in my career and failed many times. I have been through training (Top Grading, Solution Selling, Force Management, The Challenger Sale, etc.) but few books or training is going to teach you more than experience will, when doing the work. In this case, hiring sales talent. 

Failing is learning. It can take days to months to realize what we learned from our failures. In one of the recent Star Wars movies (Last Jedi), Yoda summed it up best - "The greatest teacher, failure is." - Yoda

Some of us have to go out the back window of the car to learn to wear our seatbelt. Some of us are smart enough to learn without going out the back window of the car as an experience but there is another part of life you need to fail at, to learn. Regardless, failing is a good teacher. 

This infographic is a mixture of many of the "simple" lessons I have learned when hiring six-figure sales reps. The tips on the infographic are not necessarily complex but they are not easy to practice. 

I also included some technology trends in the hiring space for 2018. You will continue to see companies apply technology to their recruiting practices so they can save time and become more efficient at finding the best talent. Do not expect to see technology trends related to hiring go away. 

Enjoy the infographic. I made some mistakes creating it, but also learned from them. Simple but not easy work here...


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Hiring Sales Talent

Simple But Not Easy