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The best way to stay secure in your job…

Do not lie. Make Things Happen.


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Things always fall apart and companies need people who can organize and make things happen.

How do I know this? Because any client I work for comes to me with problems that could be solved by someone who would just make it happen. Their recruiting and human capital problems are filled with bad processes, lies, and excuses...

I get it. You get it into a rut within a company and start to lie. You lie to yourself. You tell yourself that you are okay with the latest new rule at your company. You know the rule makes no sense, kills productivity and removes some of the pleasure you have about your work...But you lie to yourself and say it’s alright, I will just keep my head down and not complain.

Then another rule gets introduced and you lie again. You do not say what needs to be said and you are less courageous than the day before. You train yourself to lie and let your company become more bureaucratic or even more corrupt. Do not lie.

Make something happen. Take ownership. Speak up. You do not have to be a jerk about it either. Just say something like, “hey boss I see the situation differently”.

Watch out for these 7 phrases. When you hear phrases like these, you are treading into being untruthful and not owning your life.

  1. They will not let me do this” - Anytime, you hear “they” - always ask who they is. You are being controlled by they and lying to yourself about something you believe is not right.

  2. I am waiting until I get approval” - Waiting is waste. You are wasting your time and everyone else’s time to make something happen.

  3. He/She gets all the breaks” - Focus on you, not them. Life is messy - your life and their life. Clean your life up then look outside.

  4. He/She will make me happy and allow me to make things happen” - You make you happy. Nobody else. Own the outcome, do not put it on someone else.

  5. The rule says you must have a college degree. I don’t have a college degree so I can’t do that” - You can make things happen without a college degree. Many people with college degrees struggle to make much happen, like pay for their own phone bill.

  6. I don’t have time to exercise” - If you can’t find 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day to make exercise happen, you cannot make other things happen. Make it happen.

  7. One day I will start that ___________” - To make something happen, you have to do something today. Take a chip at starting something today so it will be done tomorrow.

Make things happen. Say no when it needs to be said. You will find work anywhere. You will be more confident in yourself and be secure in your job.

PS - No - I will not drink bad office coffee and No - I will not make that job candidate complete unnecessary paperwork just to interview at your company.

Ben Martinez