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New website, same Ben doing the work

Ben here...

Y’all know me from my corporate days, almost the same guy but I have been working on making life a little better.

For the last year, I have put in many early morning hours (4:26 AM) out of my unfinished basement office and during the day, working with a couple of companies on their talent and coffee needs. This hard work made me come to the realization that I am bringing good people, good practices, and good coffee to make life a little better. 

Watch the video about Secret Tech Sauce Talent, and learn how to get a free bag of coffee.

Secret Tech Sauce Talent - New website focused on recruiting good people, good work practices and good coffee.

Send feedback via email - and I will send you a code to get a free (excludes shipping) bag of freshly roasted Sumato Coffee. Deal expires on June 1. 

Context and background

I am sending you an email because I know you or you have given me your email in the past which makes things more human and personal. I didn’t use software to spam all my contacts either. I went through my personal connections and loyal readers of my old blog and chose you.

It’s been one year since I launched Sumato Coffee Co., online roast to order coffee subscription business and almost one year since I quietly launched my recruiting and human capital consulting company, Secret Tech Sauce Talent. I have learned 10X more this past year, than 20 years in corporate gigs across America and the best benefit - making a difference with other people.

This website's focus is talent and recruiting and the long-term goal is to make life better by helping companies hire good people, implement good human capital practices and roast and ship good coffee. 

Thanks for checking out the site.

Cheers - Ben