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Podcast Ep. #38: Ryan Hart- Behind the scenes of employment background checks and drug screens


Secret Tech Sauce Podcast

Episode 38

Good day - I hope your week is shaping up to be what you are aiming for...

I recently recorded a podcast with Ryan Hart, the Director of Product for the background check and drug screening company, Verified First. We covered several unexplored areas of the hiring process - specifically the “Ban the Box” legislation that states and cities continue to adopt across America. Whether you are a job seeker or recruiter, you need to be aware of “Ban the Box”.

Outside of a good podcast, I am focused on finding talented software engineers, marketers with SEO experience, executive-level operations talent, and roasting and delivering coffee beans to homes and workplaces across America.

As you listen to the podcast, I hope you are doing what you love to do while sipping on something you love to taste. Get after it. iTunes Podcast link here -

Podcast Agenda:

  • Ben/Ryan find common ground with coffee and treasure hunts - Ryan still uses cream and sugar in his coffee, but we still accept him.

  • Ryan talks about why working for a background check company can be sexy.

  • Ryan talks about generations in the workplace and the marketing fluff around it.

  • Ryan talks about a trend that will get bigger in the coming years for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers - “Ban the Box”

  • Ryan shares the technology he could not live without. Something many of us share - Amazon.

  • Ryan gifts a bag of coffee to his Dad, Sumato Coffee of course

  • Out


Verified First website -

Ryan on LinkedIn -

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