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“Getting After It” is the way to go


Ninh is making it happen

It’s spring in SLC, Utah and a good time to get outside and get after it.

Sun plus freshly roasted and brewed black coffee is good natural energy. My legs have recovered from a long bike ride the other day and I can’t wait to get after it with good people and good work today.

A big topic in my life lately has been about “getting after it.”

The more I get after it, the luckier I get. Getting after is staying in shape with sleep, diet and exercise so you are healthy to do anything in life. Getting after it allows you to be ready for that new client, new order or new job offer.

Getting after it allows you to be better now, so tomorrow can be better. What a lot of people don’t understand about getting after it is that it’s not just about working hard, but it’s also the ability to get after anything in your life - family, friends, relationships. Getting after it has allowed me to work with some hungry, good and focused people in work life and personal life.

Thanks to those people who gave me feedback last week about the new website. Cheers to a good day of getting after it. 

This picture is with Ninh Tran who helped find the fast-growing company -  Hiretual. They are based in the SF bay area and Ninh is getting after it by traveling the country and meeting with new and current users of their product. They help recruiters find and engage with people fast.


  1. We are looking for candidates with experience in operations (executive level), sales and recruiting - soon to be other roles in the tech space. Stay tuned. Check our job openings HERE.

  2. Get after your coffee. Limit your sugar intake. Drink freshly roasted black coffee instead. Coffee is Good - Buy 2 bags, GET 1 Free Bag at Sumato Coffee - Use promo code “coffeeisgood” at checkout to take advantage of this deal.

  3. I have been working on the Board of Directors for DisruptHRSLC - we have our big event today. Event is sold out with 300 plus people. Follow the hashtag #disrupthrslc for content.

  4. Check out Secret Tech Sauce Podcast- stay tuned for awesome interviews. Up next - an insider look at how background checks and drug screens are done before you get hired with Verified First.

  5. Learn a new skill - I am always trying to learn new guitar skills. The more I play, the more I realize how much I need to get better. Get after your skills.