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The Free, Cheap and Classy Way to hire the best people


Last week, a reader asked, “what tools should I be using to hire the best people?” The answer depends on another question: how much time and money ya got?  

You see, one day your laptop and iPhone will be obsolete. One year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from our computer devices will be like fax machines of the 90s. Almost everything we see and hold is like that, they are hot and cool for a few short years.

I’m not going to go talk about AI, chatbots, and data science with you. I will save that for another day.

I do want to be more precise with you on what tools you can use today that will help you hire the best people, depending on your company’s phase.

The free way: Word of Mouth + Friends/Family + Wufoo Forms

This works for early stage or small companies.

I have seen companies do this who hire about 5-10 people per year. It works well until you end up hiring all your friends and family and realize that work is not a family bbq and your cousin is lazy, which impacts your company.

Create a Wufoo form to collect applicant info and embed the form on the job listing on your site. Since you are dealing with friends and family, you will have a good handle on the people who apply and be able to track the applicants. Free, easy and effective.

The cheap way: Breezy HR (other good techs too) + Mailchimp

You can play with the big boys and girls with these tools but get by spending about $2-4K per year in total.

Set up a Breezy HR ATS account, post your jobs, share your jobs with top recruits, use video, etc. Don’t stop there, create awesome Mailchimp campaigns and email your candidates on why your company is great and how it matches with their wildest dreams. You can do this with MailChimp for free for awhile and then eventually pay a little money as you get bigger.

The classy way: Workable (good ATS, but others too) + Mailchimp + LinkedIn Recruiter or Hiretual 

Many good ATS’s exist (Greenhouse, Lever, BambooHR, etc.). During my days at HireVue, I found Workable to be the most affordable and user-friendly but again lots of good ATS’s out there. Many ATS’s claim they have a good email marketing platform, but I find many of their email marketing options, lackluster. If your ATS does not do a good job with email marketing, use something like MailChimp. Yes, it is for marketing but you can use it for candidates too.

Candidates in your ATS are waiting to be told something of value. Educate your candidates on culture or offer discounts on your company’s products. Imagine showing your board or C-suite how much revenue the HR and Talent team brought in by offering discounts on your products. Hilton use to offer discounts on hotel rooms for anyone who took a HireVue video interview. Their talent team drove in millions of revenue.

Most of your ATS’s have a good Chrome extension that lets you browse people on LinkedIn and quickly add them to a job posting.

Go big with sourcing - You will want to go after passive talent. Source and find good people with Hiretual or go the big brand route with LinkedIn Recruiter. These cost a little money, but if used right will add tremendous value.  

In short - depending on your company phase, you should go to exceptional lengths to hire the best people. Talent and teamwork wins.  

I don’t get paid or endorsed by any of these companies. What other tools should I write about?...

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