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a medium to long form podcast hosted by Ben Martinez with friends and guests that have included Olympic athletes, comedians, entrepreneurs, musicians, founders, recruiters, CEOs and many others. 

#35 - Lane Sutton  This Gen Z, gets it!

Lane Sutton







Lane Sutton - Started a blog when he was 11. Consulting w/ Disney, Trip Advisor, Hubspot by age 20. 

Lane Sutton started a blog when he was 11 years old…

A decade later he is doing more in the employment branding and recruiting space than your entire recruiting and employment branding team on steroids.

Lane gets it. He has worked with some of the biggest brands — Hubspot, TripAdvisor, Sprinklr and Walt Disney. Now that he is almost old enough to drink a beer we talked on my podcast.



Ben/Lane find common ground with coffee, Sumato Coffee of course

Lane defines Generation Z vs. Millennials vs. Gen X vs. Boomers

Lane’s background — from age 11 to age 20.8 years old

How to create an employment brand

Top technology for recruitment marketing

What’s coming in 2018 for employment branding

Over and Out